Sare, our village

Sare, 14 kilometers away from the Atlanctic Ocean, between the land and the Basque Coast, is one of the most beautiful village of France. Our village is situated in a beautiful frame of greeneries, of preserved nature at the bottom of the legendary Basque mountain: the Rhune. You will take the small train of the Rhune to reach the peak, 9 meters high.

This typical village of Labourde province has preserved its heritage. You will discover the typical Basque houses with their red or green half-timbering which shows the richness gain from whales and cod fishing.

With its 36 kilometers borders with Spain, Sare was in the olden days considered as the capital of smugglings, nicknamed “the night work”, which was a way of life in the Basque Country.
Many hiking tracks start from Sare. The discovery of our village also goes by its mountains where you can find the “ventas”, the “Palombières” of Sare. You will bump into hikers of the GR10 or GR8 and the visitors looking for nature, walk and peacefulness.

Other activities are avalaible in Sare, mountain bike, fishing, Basque pelota on its 2 pediments, Sare has a large inheritance and a lot of sites:

St Martin’s Church, impressive in the middle of the village,
Its 14 oratories,
The house of Ortillopitz, which shows the rural life and the traditions of the Basque Country,
Sare’s caves and their megalithic park as well as the museum, origins of the Basque Population, enable a time travel,
The museum of the Basque Cake to discover the food tradition of the Basque Country,
In Sare’s Village, you will enjoy in the restaurants a rich and various gastronomy.


Seaside resort in the middle of the Basque land and coast, opens on the Atlantic Ocean, Saint-Jean-de-Luz’s bay is a beautiful and exceptional site, a frame which contains all the richness of the Basque Country at the end of the Gascogne Golf.

Its 3 dykes protect the city of storms from the Atlantic Ocean.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is also one of the most active harbor of the Basque Country where Ciboure’s frontages reflect with the tuna and sardine fishing.

You will discover the old city, an elegant seafront with its large beach of fine sand, perfect to discover the family bathing, it picturesque and colorful harbor, shared with Ciboure located of the other side of the Nivelle.

But in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, you will also have the opportunity to discover more untouched beaches at the bottom of the cliffs, facing the ocean, perfect for surfing.

Saint-Jean-de-Luz is also a place full of history with its past of old privateer city and the wedding of Louis XIV in the Saint Jean Baptiste Church. Even if the city is full of history, it also offers a large panel of activities with a lot of festivals, not forgetting the diverse celebrations like the one of Saint Jean, the tuna celebration. Activities are not missing, for a lasting day break or a romantic weekend where you will be hosted in charming guestroom close to Spain.


Biarritz, not far from Anglet, Bayonne and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, is a sea resort on the Basque Coast, in the Atlantic Pyrenees French Department south of the Aquitaine.

First a modest and small whale fishermen village, Biarritz, with the move of Napoleon II and Eugénie becomes a society and refined place.

With a dynamic cultural and touristic politic, Biarritz is one of the liveliest city in the Basque Country: festivals, concerts, golf, thalassotherapy, surf competitions.

During a trip in the Basque Country, come and discover Biarritz. Its sumptuous villas which offer a range of architectural styles, reminding you of the prosperous years of Biarritz, real open-air museum.

A Not-to-be-missed, the old port and the rock of the Virgin, symbol of Biarritz, but also the sea museum with its beautiful art deco frontage. Do not forget the monument, full of history, such as Napoleon’s III palace, currently one of the most well-known palace, its imperial chapel, St Eugénie’s Church, Biarritz’s Lighthouse built in 1831, the orthodox church.

The sports activities in Biarritz are internationally known. Surfing Capital, Biarritz has some of the most beautiful surf spots in Europe.

The Olympic Rugby Club of Biarritz Basque Country (BOBC) is the leading club of the city.
You will play golf on one of its golf field in Biarritz (see Golf page Sports & Beachs).

The lovely villages

The Basque country counts charming picturesque villages, full of life and activities, like Espelette, Ainhoa or Guethary. The villages are made of the Basque colours with admirable labourdine houses with red and green half-timbering.

During your stay, discover the Basque culture through the several traditional celebrations. Each day of the week, the traditional markets will offer you all the local products from the Basque Country.

Espelette is a colourful village and full of flavours. From September, all the facades of the houses are decorated with the famous bright red chilis put for drying on a tinsel. This chilis are emblematic of the Basque food.

The last weekend of October, it is the chili celebration in Espelette, real gastronomic trade show.

Guethary, located between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz, originally a fishermen village, became a charming sea resort. This small village is close to the most beautiful beaches of the Basque Coast, appealing a majority of surfers.

During your stay at Guethary, you will discover its small picturesque and untouched port, its art deco architecture which keep all the charm of the Roaring Twenties.

Ainhoa, 10 kilometres away from Sare and Espelette, is one of the most beautiful and charming French villages.
Bastide founded in 12th century by monks on the road to Pampelune, important stage on the border for the pilgrims on the road to Saint Jacques.

During your tour, do not miss the beautiful houses with half-timbering from the 17th century running alongside the main street, the old washing place, the church and the Heritage House.
5 propositions of hiking are available to discover the area and the exceptional panorama.


Spain is very close to the Basque Country. You will discover the 4 provinces on the other side of the Pyrenees which form the South Basque Country located to the North of Spain, extension of the French Basque Ledge.

The South Basque Country is made up of a hinterland, with green and untouched summits, a seaside with beaches and cliffs, large cities with blended influences.

To discover the South Basque Country and its welcoming population, there is nothing better than going during summer to the popular and famous celebrations like Pampelune celebrations.

San Sébastian is the capital of Guipúzcoa, between sea and mountains. This city, beautiful and elegant, fringed by beaches, overflow with tapas bars, the most bustling are situated in the old city. San Sebastian opens out the gorgeous bay of Concha, between the Urgull Mont, overlooking the old city and Igeldo mount with, at its foot, the Beach of Ondarreta. The aquarium recounts the maritime activity of the city.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbaohas given to the city an international reputation and has fast-tracked the city to cultural capital of Europe. The Museum has placed the Basque Country in the international touristic tour.

The surprising titanium structure made of granite and glass opens onto the river. This museum constitutes one of the most ambitious cultural projects and is the symbol of the city.

Bilbao is deliberately turn to art in general, modern and contemporary, the museum of Beaux-Arts, the maritime museum telling the story of Bilbao’s ria.

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