From Bayonne to Bilbao, the Basque littoral goes on 280km of coasts on the Atlantic Ocean. This localization will please those who like to relax and tan on the beach of the Basque coast, surf and aquatic sports. Judge by yourself: sea kayak, catamaran, sailing dinghy, sailing boat, kitesurfing, sail board, windsurfing, but also surf and bodyboard, water skiing or jet ski, scuba diving.

Biarritz, the historic capital of surf in Europe, offers you 8 kilometers of coastline. You will discover the beauty of its coast, curved, punctuated of stones with the sandy expanse of “La Grande Plage”, a little further the Basque beach for the surfers. The numerous beaches of Biarritz open onto the open sea.
During your holidays in the Basque Country, discover Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay with its large beach of fine sand protected from the storms of the ocean by 3 wonderful dykes which also preserve the beaches of Ciboure, calm and sheltered. This spot is perfect for family bathing during your stay.
But in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, you will also have the opportunity to discover more untouched beaches facing the ocean, to do other aquatic sports such as surfing: The Beach of Erromardie, the Beach of Mayarco, the Beach of Lafiténia, the Beach of Cénitz.
The Beach of Hendaye, close to Spain, is the ultimate family beach. Long of 3 kilometers, it offers space and its gentle slope guarantees the security for children bathing. It is also appreciated by the surfers.

The Basque golf courses

Situated at the heart of the countryside or facing the ocean, the Basque courses offer fantastic natural settings. It is in Pau that the English imported the first golf in France in 1856, Biarritz followed in 1888 with the lighthouse golf. Ever since, the greens are part of the regional heritage. Among the most beautiful Golfs in the 64, the majority are the golfs of the Basque Country. From the undulated course of Arcangues facing the Pyrenees to the splendid course of Ilbarritz training center, facing the Ocean, from Goraiz to Hondarabia (South Basque Country – Spain), enjoy the numerous golfs of the Basque Country, those Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, SouraÏde, close to Espelette and Sare. We count close to fifteen courses in the territory.
During your stay, succumb to the temptation to have a golf training course from one to several days, to improve yourself or to discover this sport with the lessons of some golf schools.

      Some famous golfs of the Basque Country :


  • Biarritz : Biarritz Golf
  • Arcangues Lighthouse : Arcangues Golf
  • Anglet : Anglet & Chiberta’s golf
  • Bassussarry : Makila’s Golf Club
  • Bidart : Ilbarritz training center
  • Ciboure : Golf of Nivelle
  • Saint Jean de Luz : Golf of Chantaco
  • Souraide : Golf of Epherra Epherra
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